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There is a saying in Bengali that Bengalis have "baro mashe tero parbon" which literally translated in English means that Bengalis celebrate thirteen festivals in twelve months.

Indeed, Bengalis love to enjoy festivals, wherever they are - in Kolkata, other places in India or outside India. For Bengalis, unlike many other communities of India, festival has a different meaning. It is religion, festivity, carnival and enjoyment, all rolled into one. Bengalis are perhaps the only community who has the custom of community worship (barowari puja).

Of all Bengali festivals, obviously Durga Puja is the foremost and biggest. There is now a big entertainment industry growing around Durga Puja with big budget theme pujas, cultural fest, beauty contests, food festivals as accessories.

There are 12 (or probably more) lesser known and celebrated but equally exciting festivals. Some of them, like Jamai Shashti (where the son-in-law is treated specially by the mother-in law with sumptuous food including seasonal mangoes) are perhaps unique to Bengalis. gives a platform where you, as an ardent Bengali, can share your experiences on various festivals with your family and friends, participate in various on-line contests or simply see and know how other Bengalis across the globe are enjoying the festivals.

Along with this, comes with various products and services which will enable you to enjoy these festivals wherever you are in this earth.

We hope you will find this initiative exciting. We look forward to your support and patronage.

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